I am an Assistant Research Professor at The George Washington University. Previously I was a postdoctoral researcher in the HISKP at the University Bonn. Below you can find more about my research and teaching materials or you can contact me if you have questions:
+1 202 9949265
Corcoran Hall, 725 21st Street NW, Washington, DC 20052


My research explores the strong interaction - one of the four fundamental forces of nature. Quantum field theory (accounting for special relativity and quantum effects) of this interaction is called Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). In the low energy regime QCD defines the mechanisms for the interaction of hadrons (protons, ...) as well as their properties. In particular, the vast part of the mass of hadrons -- thus of the most part of the visible Universe -- is due to QCD.

My scientific contributions (see INSPIREhep) explore the interface between numerical calculations of Lattice QCD, phenomenology and experiment. The links below will lead you to the full open source articles () and some talks on corresponding topics ().
``Finite-volume spectrum of π+π+ and π+π+π+ systems''
``Three-body spectrum in a finite volume: the role of cubic symmetry''
``Three-body Unitarity in the Finite Volume''
``Three-body Unitarity with Isobars Revisited''
``The Optical Potential on the Lattice''

      Unitarity constraints on 3 hadron dynamics (Seminar talk at U. of Maryland)
      Application of 3-body quantization condition to QCD (Conference talk at Lattice 2018)
      3 body quantization condition from unitarity (Seminar talk at CERN)
      Retrieving the optical potential from lattice simulation (Conference talk at Lattice 2016)
``Extraction of isoscalar ππ phase-shifts from lattice QCD''
``Chiral symmetry constraints on resonant amplitudes''
``Chiral Extrapolations of the ρ(770) Meson in Nf=2+1 Lattice QCD Simulations''
``Chiral Extrapolation of the Sigma Resonance''
``Finite volume effects and quark mass dependence of the N(1535) and N(1650)''
``S- and p-wave structure of S=-1 meson-baryon scattering in the resonance region''
``Strange Hadron Spectroscopy with a Secondary KL Beam at GlueX''
``On the pole content of coupled channels chiral approaches used for the KbarN system''
``Predictions for the Λb → J/ψΛ(1405) decay''
``Weak decays of heavy hadrons into dynamically generated resonances''
``Constraints on the chiral unitary KbarN amplitude from πΣK+ photoproduction data''
``New insights into antikaon-nucleon scattering and the structure of the Lambda(1405)''

      Status of the Lambda(1405) (Plenary talk at NSTAR2017)
      Chiral unitary KN amplitude vs photoproduction data (Seminar talk at U. Valencia)
``θ-dependence of the lightest meson resonances in QCD''
``Pion photoproduction off the proton in a gauge-invariant chiral unitary framework''
``η-Photoproduction in a gauge-invariant chiral unitary framework''
``Chiral dynamics of the S11(1535) and S11(1650) resonances revisited''

      Pion photoproduction in gauge invariant unitary approach (Confrence talk at NSTAR 2013)
      Coupled-channel Bethe-Salpeter approach (Seminar talk at U. Bonn)
``Recoil corrections in antikaon-deuteron scattering''
``Aspects of meson-baryon scattering in three and two-flavor chiral perturbation theory''

      Recoil corrections in antikaon-deuteron scattering (Conference talk at Few Body 2015)
      Meson-baryon scattering in SU(3) ChPT (Seminar talk at U. Bonn)


Fall Semester 2017 - Graduate course on Quantum Field Theory (w. H. Griesshammer and M. Doring). Self-learning following Peskin/Schroeder: mind-atlas (collection of mind-maps) follows...
Talk on entropy at RHIZOME DC
Nuclear Journal Club - GW voxcharta page